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Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Project Update

by | Nov 29, 2009 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

My project this month is to sell some cars, so I’ve got to MOT my LJ70 Landcruiser, the 2.0 8v Volkswagen Corrado (not due but I just sold it subject to a fresh test), LandCruiser 80-series, Orange 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 and the blue 1983 Porsche 911 SC.

The Landcruisers will hopefully pass their MOTs easily enough. The Corrado is going to need at least an exhaust repair, the Varmint (my Porsche 911 SC that has just arrived at Tilbury Docks) is unlikely to need much sorting for its first registration MOT as is early 1980 so predates fog lamps, and the rest is fairly good. That just leaves the Carrera 3.0.

Orange Tuthill Porsche

The list of work to do on the juicy little 911 is getting longer by the day. For the test it needs tyres, a new steering rack and alignment afterwards. For use now it needs the window seals doing (all need changing as they are all leaking – see leaky front screen below after rush job to fit something), I want to wire up my heated front windscreen and am hoping to get some additional lights set up on the front. No idea quite what I am doing there yet but I will figure it out.

I have a very nice Stebel compact air horn to replace the Noddy horn I was left with, when the ally bracket holding one tone of the twin tone set up went crash, bang, wallop, and threw itself onto the M40 a year or so ago. I am also thinking about swapping the original gauges back into Orange until I sort this new airbox arrangement to run the twin front face vents. No good having freezing cold air coming through from the luggage compartment.Then I have some carpets to fit in the rear, and a list of maybe 30 mini-projects that I’d like to crack in to sometime this winter.

screen seal

So while this week is all about chasing the stuff I am getting out of, I will also spend a day getting some bits ready for the orange car and reminding myself why I bought it. I’m going to hold off taxing it for a while yet, until we see what the weather looks like for the first part of December: no point paying out for tax, MOT and insurance when the roads are too salty to go anywhere. But it will definitely be legal for the IB “Avoid the Family” Christmas weekend drive on December 27th.


It’s hard not to look at this picture above, think about how few miles I have covered in that car this year and wonder two things: why I am hanging on to it if it’s not being used and why we don’t all move to California and take it with us. It is the perfect California car!


  1. Hayden

    Hope the weather was kind to you on Holidays, great that you obviously also took a week off from your blog too.
    I expect to see record of a remarkable achievement from the week of homer's. Car herd culled, ground broken etc. Stairway to Heaven perfected…..etc.

    • johndglynn

      I did well this holiday mate, you would be proud of me. Few MOTs to do later this week but we have made good progress. Plus the Varmint has landed! Will post something tomorrow.


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