California Porsche Friendship and Howard Dranow

I’ve spent the last few days thinking about my great California Porsche feature trips. The times I’ve spent out there have been absolutely magic: great weather, great drives, great cars and, above all, great friends.

Friends are key to what classic Porsche, and the Classic Porsche Blog is all about. Sharing proper Porsches with friends – and I include blog followers and magazine readers in that category – is the whole point of what I do. It’s about the mission: not the money.

I was led to this train of thought by a recent video discovery. This is two Porsche friends enjoying their 914s in sunny Southern California. The sun is gorgeous and the soundtrack perfect. Good times, no doubt about it.

Behind the joyous visual lies a tinge of sadness. The driver of the camera car, and man who posted the video, is no longer with us. His name was Howard Dranow and, if the tribute thread here and the amazing Howard Dranow forum here are anything to go by, he was an inspirational character and a good Porsche buddy to many, many Porsche people. Anyone who leaves this sort of positivity behind has spent their time on Earth well.

RIP Howard. I’ll be thinking of your video next time I’m out shooting Porsches in your glorious home state.


  • Dave Bouzaglou says:

    Thanks John
    Howard was always the ultimate enthusiast. He was always there for any drive involving 914's. Did not matter when the "deck was stacked" with mega hp 6's vs his 4 cylinder; he was in the mix all the time

    He is missed

    • johndglynn says:

      Thanks Dave.

      Don't mind admitting I was welling up a bit watching that vid and reading what so many people said about Howard. People looking in only see the cars; they never see the wonderful friends. Friends are the whole reason we are so hooked on this stuff!

      See you soon, would love to be in Cali right now.

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