Classic German B-Movie has all the Right Stuff

Surfing through recent build threads on the R Gruppe forum, I tripped over this sweet clip posted by a fellow Grupper. It shows a German B movie from 1980, entitled Car-Napping.

Based on the life and times of a high-end car thief, those who speak the lingo find the movie quite entertaining. Sprechen sie Deutsch or not, I would have been all over this movie in 1980 at the ripe old age of 13, because:

  • Full Boob Action
  • Full Porsche Action
  • Full ‘sticking it to the man’ action as our hero evades capture

Check out the trailer. If the Palermo police chief looks familiar, it’s Adolfo Celi, the villain from James Bond’s Thunderball. Sicilian-born Adolfo died six years after this film was released, but he was clearly a man of great taste!

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