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Classic Porsche 911 Inspection

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

The best thing to come from blogging is an interesting social network. I’ve met some great people via writing and photographing Porsche cars over the last eight years, and to help three of them out in one go is a rewarding experience.

JZM Porsche Ferdinand Classic PPI 1

When an East Coast R Gruppe buddy emailed details of a SWB car for sale on the other side of the world a few months ago, asking my opinion and whether I knew anyone connected to the car, I drew a blank. My network is good, but not that good.

JZM Porsche Ferdinand Classic PPI 2

Fast forward a few months and another car comes up for sale. This one’s a 1970 911 in the UK, being sold by someone I’ve known online for a while, previously dealt with and bought from in person. Even better, this RHD 911 was for sale on the doorstep of some friends, so a pre-purchase inspection recommendation was ready and waiting.

JZM Porsche Ferdinand Classic PPI 6

My friends got together on the deal, and sent the car for a check over. The 911 was given a clean bill of health – couple of advisories but nothing serious. A deal was agreed and the car sailed off overseas: not stayed in the UK and not gone to America.

Will be nice to get some new pics of this 1970 Porsche 911T in its new home one day: great to help a Porsche deal happen!


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