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Classic Porsche Track Day at Spa Francorchamps

by | Dec 22, 2009 | Classic Porsche Blog, Road Trips

2009 was a fairly quiet year in terms of UK and European miles covered in my own cars, so I am delighted to be announcing the first of many classic 911 events in 2010: a Spa Track day in June. We’ve teamed up with our friends at RSR Nurburg to put a twenty-car classic 911 posse together for their track day at the legendary Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix circuit on June 7th.

The plan for UK attendees is to drive out on the Sunday, catch an 11am Chunnel crossing and stop for lunch on the other side. We’ll then drive the 340kms to Spa, which takes about 2 and a half hours at legal speeds. Stay in Spa or thereabouts overnight, then arrive at the circuit the next morning for a track walk at 8am. The driving starts at about 9.15.

The cost for this open pit lane day is 300 euros, which is about £260. It’s at least £100 cheaper than a day later in the month when you factor in track cost (even with discounts on the late one) and higher crossing prices. The train is £60 but I have enquired about a group rate so may be cheaper. We are only staying one night, so it is one day off work and one night’s hotel. I am aiming to be on an 8.30/9pm train so easily home by midnight.

I have also invited my R Gruppe brothers from the Netherlands, so I hope to be packed out with hot early 911s on the day. Those guys will come down from home on the Monday morning, as it’s only 140 kms for some of them – a handy day out!

Three hours into the process, I think I am about half way towards hitting my 20 car target now, so if you have an early car and are keen to get involved, email me and let’s sort it out. Everyone should do Spa at least once and this is too good a chance to miss.

Current Spa noise limit is 105dB, which should get us all in no problems, but bear it in mind!


  1. Hayden

    John, for the British camping, touring hardcore, head straight from Spa down to Le Mans for the 24hr on the weekend June 12-13.
    If I do get a chance in 2010, I think I need to be in Le Mans on Monday, but I will make sure 100% jsut in case, what a Boondoggle to get a Monday track day at Spa on the way to Le Mans!

    • johndglynn

      Trying to get myself together for our big track day at Le Mans Bugatti the weekend before mate, would be fun and lots of guys doing both. Bugatti is a two day event. A month later we are back on the Euro Tour! Woo hoo!


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