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Porsche Carrera 3.0 Service: R Gruppe Tour Preparation

by | Jul 2, 2010 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars, Road Trips

Crazy day today, moving cars around and dragging my Carrera 3.0 out of storage, to give it a quick service before tomorrow’s departure on the RGruppe Bergmeister Tour, followed by Classic Le Mans.

Today was the first time I had done valve clearances on a 911. I was using a standard feeler gauge and I can tell you it’s not so much fun. Eventually got through it – hopefully the Orange will sound good when the fresh oil goes in tomorrow. I put the rocker covers back on with 100% silicone gaskets.

I also changed the plugs from yuk Bosch (just don’t like Bosch plugs) to platinum NGK B8-EVKs. I ran these spark plugs in my SC Cab and they made a nice difference, so let’s see how they do in Orange. I installed some ultrasonically cleaned injectors too, though I doubt they’ll have a huge effect. I saw the buildup of gunk through the open ports of my metering head a while back, and think that needs to come apart next: no time to do it just at the mo.

Bye Bye Bosch Plugs

Got lots of bits to finish off tomorrow: grab a Knecht filter and a pair of drain plug washers at Tuthills, get some oil and a couple of new fan belts from my spares place in Banbury and go get a cigarette lighter to throw in the glovebox, to power the sat nav. It needs a tyre change and perhaps a bit of a wash. Then I need to throw my luggage in and the other stuff I’m bringing for people: t-shirts, badges, number plates and the like! I just spent tonight sorting out my camera bag.

We’ve had the TomTom-friendly RGruppe Bergmeister routes through from RallyAtlas and they all look pretty good. I’ve already modified my Day One file to pick me up at Rotterdam and take me to way point 5 on the list, close to the Belgian border. Don’t want to get sent to Amsterdam first. I also booked my return trip with SeaFrance which I am really looking forward to. The Tunnel is fast but it has no romance: I’d like to round this trip off with a little bit of style.

Split Fan Belt: got to find a pair of these tomorrow

I’m looking forward to getting away and getting down to work. I’ll be diarising/photographing the Bergmeister Tour for a feature and then covering the IB boys’ fun at Classic Le Mans for a separate piece, so should be some great stories in there. We might also find a feature car or two at Le Mans: I’m hooking up with Jamie down there so the pics for those are gonna be good.

Hope to bump into some Classic Porsche Blog readers at Classic Le Mans. Definitely say hi if you spot me. If I go a bit quiet on here, it’s just a lack of wi-fi. I’ll post when I can!


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