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About the ‘Ferdinand’ Porsche blog

First launched in 2006 as John Glynn’s Classic Porsche Blog, Ferdinand features classic Porsche news and projects, along with used Porsche market price reports and other features of interest.

Valuation specialist and used car market expert, John Glynn, also writes a monthly column in BMW Car magazine. We share things we like and put effort into our content: it is not cut-and-paste press releases.

The Ferdinand Porsche blog is a favourite of Porsche enthusiasts all over the world. Owners may share pictures and updates of their Porsche projects via email to be featured on the blog. Contact us with any questions at mail@ferdinandmagazine.com.

The Ferdinand Porsche blog does not run guest posts or sponsored content.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

We believe in a free and factual Internet. We do not collect or hold personal data of any kind. Comments are the property of users: we will happily remove any comments that the original posters would like to undo.

This website does not track users, but we do employ cookies from Google Analytics to keep improving our service. Cookies used on Ferdinand do not identify you personally. Users can disable cookies via their browser settings but the website may not work as well as a result.

Email us to discuss our privacy policy.

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Our default social media channel is the Cult of Porsche Instagram feed. You can also follow the Ferdinand Porsche Magazine Facebook page or we occasionally tweet as @CultofPorsche.

The easiest way to get in touch is via email. Feel free to do so!