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Cult of Porsche Book: Picking the Cars

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Art and Books, Classic Porsche Blog

The thrill of working with Ricoh UK to print our first Cult of Porsche book keeps growing. This week is my first design meet with the creative team, so Jamie and I have been chopping and changing the list of cars to feature in our three-book series.

Cult of Porsche Book 1 John Glynn James Lipman (3)

We have lots of content to draw upon. As well as shooting brand new material only available in this series, there is some epic work dating back across our seven-year association. Do we try to pick our favourites for book one, or do we go with famous names, fancy locations, biggest build budgets?

Cult of Porsche Book 1 John Glynn James Lipman

None of the above. Our work is not about money, stance or scene. It follows an atomic string of Porsche through standard cars and hot rods, race cars and projects. It is the ghost that rides in the passenger seat, occasionally inhabiting the driver.

Cult of Porsche Book 1 John Glynn James Lipman (1)

With light and shade at the heart of our material, it takes a special kind of photography to really tell the story. Jamie’s multi-layered images pull every ounce of drama from the subject. The energy Mr Lipman brings to our partnership is indescribably excellent.

Cult of Porsche Book 1 John Glynn James Lipman (7)

Reviewing the work we’ve done to date for our first book together, I can’t imagine that many people get to experience chemistry this explosive. Working with James is the most exciting thing I have ever done. It’s not a job: it’s a match made in heaven. And so are these cars and their owners.


  1. Richard Burton

    Book sounds like a great idea, Bike EXIF have just done one and it’s awesome to see collected work on custom vehicles. Do you want any editorial type illustrations? I’ve been working through a Porsche obsession in my work so far this year 🙂

    • John

      Thanks Richard, we are sorted for book content but will check out your website. Cheers for now, John G


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