Dirt Don’t Slow You Down: Magnus Walker Autobiography

I’m back in Gran Canaria at the minute, catching up on overdue work projects and looking at places for sale when time allows. I have also been reading a lot, as always when away. The Kindle app on a nice big iPhone screen is a wonderful tool for speed readers.

One book I have not yet read but await with no small degree of anticipation is Magnus Walker’s new autobiography: “Dirt Don’t Slow You Down”. I know the story of Magnus’ journey through the American dream pretty well, but it will be interesting to hear how he tells it in long form, and how it translates when expanded to many thousands of words from a shorter 2,000-word magazine article, where every step of the journey seems made by fate.

I had an email from Magnus last night sharing UK dates on his upcoming book signing trip. Porsche has booked him out for most of the visit, with days spent at OPCs making up the backbone of the itinerary. The opening night at the Ace Cafe will be a good one – Magnus and Ace owner Mark Wilsmore must get along well.

Mark is a great guy: a former policeman who was crazy about bikes and who took a risk in leaving the police to bring the Ace Cafe back to life. I led the charge to make him Meguiar’s ‘UK Classic Car enthusiast of the year’ a few years ago and there was no more deserving winner in all the panels I took part in. So Magnus at the Ace Cafe is a very good fit and no surprise that he has been there more than once before.

The UK dates are as follows – drop in and say hello if one of these is close to you.

  • Ace Cafe London: May 29 at 7pm
  • OPC East London: June 1 at 7pm
  • OPC Sheffield: June 2 at 7pm
  • Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone: June 3 at 11am
  • OPC Wolverhampton: June 4 at 11am
  • OPC Aberdeen: June 6 at 7pm
“Dirt Don’t Slow You Down” is published by Penguin Random House and comes out on June 1. Magnus sharing a publisher with Prince Charles: that raised a smile.


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