EB Motorsport Porsche Fuchs Wheels in 11×15″ RSR Finish

EB Motorsport has just released its second-generation Fuchs 11 x 15″ wheel. Seen here prepared for EB’s FIA World Sportscar Masters Championship Porsche racers in RSR finish, the Gen II wheel retains the lightweight strength of the original, but uses a closer radius on the rim edge to perfectly replicate the original Fuchs alloy wheels.

EB Motorsport Fuchs 11x15 inch 3

Wide 15″ Fuchs from back in the day are a lottery. The wheels have been raced hard for over forty years, with unimaginable fatigue lying under the surface. One cracked rim can send a proper competition RSR into the wall, with far more costly damage to repair than replacing the crazy-priced period magnesium wheels at £5,000 a pair.

Priced around half that, EB’s 11-inch Fuchs are high quality reproductions that can take the knocks and will last for years.

EB Motorsport CNC machines the front section from a solid block of billet aluminium, with the correct radii on the rims and spoke edges. Then a forged aluminium rear barrel is CNC welded to the front, to provide an exceptionally strong, light and authentic-looking wheel in the perfect widths and offsets for an RSR.

The company also does these wheels in 9″ width, and races the product hard so knows how good it is. I have seen the wheels after a crash with a GT40 and will testify to how well they stand up! Drop EB a line via their contact page, or call Mark/James on +44 (0)1226 730037.

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