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Explore the Classic Retrofit Porsche 911 SC demonstrator

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

Hopefully you are all safe and well at the minute and using some of any extra time spent at home to carry out overdue Porsche projects! Self-employed limited company directors like me get no official support and I am quite happy with that: others need it more and the risks are part of the upside of absolute freedom. I’m just working away on various projects and taking each day as it comes.

My friend Jonny Hart at Classic Retrofit is similarly philosophical and has been catching up on a long to-do list while staying at home. One thing I’ve been nagging him to do for a while is a video walkaround of his beautiful 1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe in the distinctive 914 shade of Delphi Green.

We’ve spent many enjoyable hours together on road trips in this perfect SC, including our run down to Ruf Automobile a coupe of years ago, when Jonny was commissioned as a consultant on the heating and ventilation for the new Ruf CTR. A return loop via the Porsche Museum was the perfect conclusion. Read the story of our Ruf road trip here.

The car is not just Jonny’s daily driver: it is also the test mule and demonstrator for the full Classsic Retrofit product range including:

The car also has some cool research and development products fitted, such as new solid state relays to replace the current OE junk that fails all the time and a test version of the Classic Retrofit high power ignition coil that’s been in development for a while: also to replace the lousy Porsche-supplied Brazilian coils. More on those later.

Jonny’s video is a great roundup of his car and the upgraded electronics available from Classic Retrofit, most of which make excellent DIY projects while stuck in at home. The modern replacement fuse panels for Porsche 911s up to 1989 are a particular no-brainer, given how many problems the up to fifty year-old original panels can generate. Swapping those old panels out for a brand new panel with integrated bus bars and added headlamp relays to increase light output by up to 20% is a real steal for the money.

Watch the SC video below and visit to see all the products curently available from stock. The new air electric conditioning kit for Porsche 964 and 993 models is also now available until stocks run out. As a former defence and medical electronics designer, he is fully aware of just how hard UK manufacturers are working to turn out ventilators by the hundred, so Jonny has just agreed to cut his production in support of that effort. If you’ve been considering an A/C kit for your car, order one now while they are still on the shelf!


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