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French Breathalyser Rules: Porsche Le Mans

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche News

French breathalyser rules could affect Porsche drivers. The UK Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) claims half of all British motorists heading to France this year risk trouble with the Gendarmes by not carrying the correct breathalyser in their car.

French breathalyser rules Porsche

A legal requirement for all cars driven in France from the 1st of July, only breath-test devices carrying the blue circular NF logo, the French equivalent of the UK’s BSI kitemark will satisfy the new law.

French Breathalyser Rules

In IAM research amongst 2300 motorists heading to France this year, 80 percent said the new breathalyser rule would make no difference to drink driving in a country renowned for excellence in alcohol. Looking at the bigger picture – testing the morning after and having the ability to check on any doubts – I think it will probaby will have an effect in the long run. The legal limit in France is 50 mg per 100 ml of blood, lower than the UK’s 80mg limit, so a big night on the beer after a track day could make you unwittingly unsafe to be behind the wheel.

French breathalyser rules Porsche

I love driving in France – both pics here are of my own 911s en France. The roads are generally excellent, autoroutes are well priced and there’s plenty of space to play in. Making the individual largely responsible for their safety on the road is better than nanny-state England, with its speed camera vans and talk of satellite tracking all cars – my politics do not fit with dumbing down the individual.

Carry an Approved French Breathalyser in your Porsche

If you’re heading to France for Classic Le Mans, remember the approved breathalyser(s), the GB plate, headlamp deflectors on RHD cars, obligatory set of spare bulbs, high-vis waistcoats you can reach from the drivers seats, plenty of water and a decent map! Having a good map to hand can lead you to some epic roads.

I can’t wait to get back to France – hope to see a few of you at the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Update: breathalyser fines postponed indefinitely. Cliek here for the latest French driving fines.


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