Hot Pace in the Tuthill Porsche Workshop

The team at Tuthill Porsche is flat out on preparations for a big Safari car test in the mountains of Wales next week.

Tuthill 911 News 2 Safari Test Workshop Preparations

Seven days of blazing sunshine has left the UK hot and dusty. Routes at the regular Tuthill test venue are close to some of the terrain that Tuthill drivers will encounter in Africa this Autumn, so it’s a good time to put cars and drivers together for a run in the sun.

Besides testing prep, there are plenty more jobs on the go. The Great Greenhouse Dismantle continues, with all of the parts now stacked by type and being shifted to Francis’ new ops centre. Workers are removing the side wall glass, and the roof will come next. Then the frame can be dismantled and phase 2 will kick off. Sounds easy when you say it quickly.

Tuthill 911 News Safari Test Workshop Preparations 2

In the paint shop, a Porsche 356 has been part-painted after metalwork to the sills. Joe’s done a lovely job there, and will next paint new rear arches on a 3.2 Carrera race car. Alongside the 3.2 is Glenn Janssens’ monster 911, with a new rear quarter following a minor off in Belgium.

Tuthills have two cars on the Harry Flatters Rally next weekend – Dessie Nutt and Peter Lythell – so that should be fun. Dessie has just done the Scottish Rally alongside Edmund Peel, taking a class win on that, and the boys are also doing the Manx Historic together. Should be terrific if this weather keeps up.

Tuthill 911 News Safari Test Workshop Preparations 7

In the Porsche road car service workshop, Tim’s been sorting the handbrake on a Boxster, there’s a 996 in for work and a pair of air-cooled 911 customer hot rods are being fettled between track days. So much going on at Tuthills.

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