Impact Bumper Porsche T-Shirt in Essential WEVO Tool Kit

Had a cool pic through from WEVO Hayden, at work servicing Lola the Porsche 356 rally legend during the Great South American Challenge earlier this year. H sports his Impact Tissot RSR t-shirt: part of a batch I had made for IB a few years back.

WEVO Hayden IB Porsche t-shirt 800

“Day off in San Pedro de Atacama, doing a little lube work, tire rotation and general look over in the shade. Impact Bumper T called into play, I take mine everywhere. On Peking to Paris 2010, this same shirt was my lumbar support: carefully folded in behind the seat cushion. Sat there happily and slightly forgotten, until we found it in late 2012 when we were installing seat heaters for GSAC!”

As I type, I’m wearing one of mine too. Temperature here in the UK is a balmy 25 degrees, so all the Porsche shirts are out. I’ll do some more of these this year.

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