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John Benton Porsche Film: Benton Style

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche People

Two years after starting on Instagram, Ferdinand Magazine remains a big fan of the platform and our Cult of Porsche Instagram feed makes new friends every day. One early Instagram friend was John Benton, a detail-obsessed Porsche mechanic based in Anaheim, CA.

john Benton Porsche Film

Disappointed by his experiences as a Porsche-owning workshop customer, John’s background in high-end facilities engineering led to wondering why attention to detail was not a given in classic Porsche maintenance. Guessing he was not alone in feeling, Benton took a chance and opened a modest Porsche shop in Southern California.

john Benton Porsche Film

Driven by solid demand for his services, Benton moved to bigger premises last year. Watching Benton’s day-to-day Instagram feed shows his focus on detail, and the comments show that customers love it. His reputation has blossomed into Benton Performance, which has taken back-to-back Porsche wins on Carrera Panamericana.

john Benton Porsche Film

Underpinning all of Benton’s output is a reverence for classic Porsche style. “We’re so blessed and lucky to have these cars. There are no new 1966 Porsche 911s being built. Out of respect to them, I remain true to the form, but I like to build it a little better.” I hear that.

Customer and film director, Heath Mattioli, is a big fan of Benton’s and recently shot a small feature film with some satisfied Benton customers. It’s interesting, different and sheds light on a few Porsche truths. See how many you identify with.


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