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Kevin Jeannette: Porsche World’s Most Entertaining Man?

by | Dec 14, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche People

I dread to think how many glasses/bottles of Rioja I have dispensed with while watching Kevin Jeannette of Gunnar Racing and his awesome Youtube videos. It’s probably a lot, but I’m not complaining: these videos are so much fun.

Kevin is the go-to guy for my dream cars: Porsche sports racers of the 1970s. I’m currently working on a words and pics piece about the David Piper 917 – chassis number 021 – that Kevin restored for a European collector. The car was driven by our friend Gijs van Lennep at the last two Rennsports (I shot my piece at Rennsport IV), so I’ve been watching the videos all over again.

Of the many Youtube 917 resto vids KJ posted, I think this one is my favourite. There’s so much going on here, from Kevin’s love of a good hat (hats are sent in by people following the resto progress) to the obvious depth of knowledge that he totally takes for granted, to his delight in getting bombed on paint fumes and making a fart joke for wife Sharon, who does all the camerawork.

At Rennsport, I told Sharon that I was really into the Gunnar videos and I seriously was not kidding: they are superb. See the lot on the Gunnar Racing Youtube channel.

If you’re not into 917s, then check for a pulse: they are AWESOME! Enjoy this – Kevin just cracks me up.


    • John

      You guys are awesome Sharon, I just report it. Love what you do – keep it up 😉


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