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Let’s Talk Porsche Le Mans: 956 Video

by | Jun 15, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Race and Rally

We’ve been keeping a low profile on Porsche at Le Mans, but all that’s about to change. The weekend should see Ferdinand Mag glued to TV coverage of the event, so I’ve been clearing the decks to allow that to happen.

We’ll be blogging the coverage as much as we can, given the media that becomes available, and tweeting the race on our Ferdinand Twitter feed at

Got a few more bits to get out of the way, so keep yourself busy by watching this glory day throwback: 956s running and winning the 50th Le Mans in 1982. Current-day Porsche makes almost no sales hay from historic Le Mans Porsche achievements, but it’s great to see golden-day videos shared on the Porsche Cars Youtube channel.

You need 13 minutes to watch all this film. Make sure you’ve got them before you click play!


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