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Manthey Porsche 997 GT3 Engine 4.4-litre Upgrade

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Those famous Nürburgring Porsche racing heroes have unveiled a Manthey Porsche 997 GT3 4.4-litre upgrade engine conversion for GT3 models.


With increases of up to 80Nm and 95hp available versus stock-engined Porsche 997 GT3s, Manthey’s 530 engine kit includes a redesigned crankshaft. It’s the most powerful engine upgrade package offered by the Nürburgring 24-hour winners.

Olaf Manthey Porsche 997 GT3 Engine Conversion

“Serious engine construction involves craftsmanship far in advance of simple engine map reprogramming,” explains Olaf Manthey. “It is important for a 24-Hour winner to say that engine design and development is done in-house, with no external knowhow. Using Manthey designed and race proven parts is the only way I can hold my head up high, saying “our team did that.” Those driving with one of our engines in the back of their GT3 know that Manthey power is a very special feeling.”

Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 engine rebuild (1)

Manthey offers smaller upgrades, adding up to 35hp to early GT3s. The full range of Manthey products can be seen on the Porsche Racing website.


  1. Wentzel Pretorius

    What is the compression ratio of the 4.4 engine. Can it be used in a 997TT and if so what is the max boost and therefore the max power it can deliver. Also what is the approximate cost of this engine …… can it be bought as a kit or must I ship my engine to you. I tried to obtain more info on Manthey’s website, but cannot find the translation link and my German is very rusted.

    • John

      Wentzel, your rusted German would be much better than my non-existent version. I will email you and introduce you to a contact at Manthey. Cheers, John


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