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New models: Porsche 911 Carrera 4/C4S

by | Aug 27, 2012 | New Models, Porsche News

Porsche has announced the new 911 Carrera 4 and C4s, due to be launched in Paris next month. I’ve read claims that the widebody looks lumpy from some angles, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.

The first thing we bobble hats want to know about any new Porsche is the weight. You can whack in tons of power but, if the weight is OTT, that power is soaked up just hauling it around.

The standard body 991 C2 tops the scales at 1380 kgs DIN curb weight. That is the basic car on a full tank with no options: no sunroof, small wheels etc. DIN also includes a spare wheel, but the spare wheel in a new 911 is a Triple-A card in your wallet.

There’s no tech datasheet for the C4 as yet. Porsche says it’s ‘up to 65 kilos lighter’, which I presume means the basic manual car in lightest guise is 65 kilos lighter than the 997 C4.

Sixty-five kilos is slightly heavier than Allan McNish, so a nice saving, but few people would run a ‘basic’ 991. With some weight added for the front diff, shafts and prop, a bit more wiring and another chunk for that sunroof, an average C4 should weigh circa 1530-ish kilos DIN. That’s not too shabby for what most air-cooled 911 guys would assume was much more of a luxo-barge (edit Dec 2012: in fact UK C4 weighs just 1430 kg DIN).

If you’re in the UK and fancy one of these, they launch at Christmas: just in time for skiing. You’ll need 77 grand for the C4 Coupe; ten more for the widebody. Add nine grand to either for a droptop, so £96k plus options for a C4S Cabriolet.

I dunno what extra options you will want, though. Standard equipment includes full leather, a colour touchscreen PCM with sat nav, auto climate, Bi-Xenons, Thatcham Cat 5 tracker and iPod hook up. Order it in Blue like this Cabriolet and job done.

Used 997 C4 GTS Coupes currently (August 2012) start at £68k in the franchised network for a year-old PDK Coupe with 4k miles. As a long-time used car values specialist, I suspect the arrival of the 991 C4S will have an effect on 997 C4 GTS residuals. Could be good news if you’re planning some GTS shopping in early 2013.


  1. Friedrich Oesch

    And why is four-wheel-drive your choice? I really do not see the point. There is an ESP safe net, in wintertime appropriate winter tyres are far more important, use- and playfull than any 4wd. So why add some 60 kilos, remove agility and reduce economy?

    • John

      Hi Friedrich, thanks for the comment. I have owned 4wd cars for years and I think all-round they are easier on the driver. There is more bad weather than good weather here in the UK and 4wd beats ESP every time.

      The effect of a 4wd system on performance and economy is negligible over the life of a 911 when costed out against the surefootedness it brings. Plus it shifts a little weight balance towards the front of the car, which makes it easier to manage on the limit in slippery conditions.

      I agree winter tyres are the most important thing in bad weather: my Subaru Outback is still on winter tyres and it is August! Any new 911 would be a daily driver for me, and I already have a lightweight old 911 and a standard E36 M3, so have enough quick 2wd cars. But if a new 911 was my only car, then even more important to have 4wd: I always need to get to the shoot or event and I always need to get home again.

      • Friedrich

        Ah, M3… I agree. The only bad thing is, that soon there will be no 2wd-911s anymore. Or is this a good thing because 2wds will drop in price even more?

        I want my, I want my, I want my GT3…

  2. martin

    the only 911 that 4wd adds value to is the turbo – all the rest i can’t see the point. either you enjoy the ‘911 drive’ or you don’t. the most fun i had in a 911 was my 964 – it takes a lot more effort to get the same ‘hair on fire’ tingle out of my current 997 2wd – just a thought!

    • John

      Well, different strokes for different folks, Martin. After three years daily driving Subaru Legacies and now this Outback, I would go for 4wd every time. My 911 Carrera 3.0 is a 1000-kilo, short-geared screamer. Difficult to beat that in a later car so I think go in a different direction: that’s just what would suit my situation.


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