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New Porsche Cayman and Panamera Spy Videos

by | Jun 2, 2012 | New Models, Porsche News

Everything pre-release these days is a spy video, spy shots, exclusive pictures, blah blah. The way viral marketing works, you know manufacturers are behind the vast majority of it.

Here’s a pair of videos of much disguised new Cayman and Panamera spotted in traffic in Stuttgart. A tranche of videos shot at the same traffic lights shouts manufacturer to me, but whatever. New Cayman first:

Cayman is heavily masked, but you do get some engine noise and a hint of stop-start technology. Also following a 991 Cabriolet: maybe in convoy.

Ferdinand is all for midnight excursions in camouflaged test cars. Porsche black ops are go! Those mega masked headlights would be interesting on a late night charge – maybe that’s what the 991 is for…

The other video is the next Panamera: odd back end and will be interesting to see what the real deal looks like. Expect Boxster-style teardrop headlights on both. Platform sharing R us.


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