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Carrera RS: 40th Anniversary Party Approaches

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche News

The Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS is 40 years old next month. The Porsche Club Carrera RS has planned a party running from September 13-16, with events centered around the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. The programme uses words like ‘restricted parking’ and ‘exclusive dinner’, but don’t let that deter you:  I’m sure it’ll be worth a look if you’re a Carrera RS fan in Europe.

Update from the organisers:

As a special birthday gift for our beloved cars, the Porsche Club Carrera RS was able to come up with a limited edition of oil filters, decorated with our event logo and with special imprints. The filter comes in red colour, just like the original Porsche filters used to be in the 70’ and 80’s. It was manufactured in a strictly limited number of 500 pieces in order to remind of the originally planned first series of 500 RS cars in 1973.

This special filter will not be for sale, but it will only be given to participants, sponsors and supporters of the RS World Meeting. We will mail one of these filters to each participant as soon as the entry fee has been paid. The entrant will receive another one during the event as a spare. This filter will fit to any 911 between 1972 and 1994.

There will be a special edition of a 1:87 scale model Carrera RS made by BUB for the event given to all participants. On Friday, Walter Röhrl will join our drive to Langenburg with the brand new 991 with the Sport Design package and “Ducktail”.

On Saturday at the Bosch proving grounds at Boxberg, the participants will be guided by some former or still active instructors of the Porsche Sports Driving School that would like to share their experience with the RS owners.

For Saturday evening we have some special guests, e.g. Manfred Jantke, who got appointed Porsche racing director in 1972 and thus experienced the first racing entries of the Carrera RS. Hans Mezger, the well known Porsche engine designer will also be there and tell some stories about his favourite RS souvenir, an original RS ducktail that he kept when he sold his prototype car in 1976.

 There will also be a lucky drawing on Saturday night of many valuable prizes donated for the event  by our sponsors.

This is bound to be well attended. Share any pics you take – would love to see it. Our email is!


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