Porsche 356 Road Trip Brescia-Campiglio

Last weekend’s Classics at the Castle Porsche show enjoyed rain in abundance. Every show seems like its own splinter group these days, so between that and the weather, I gave the event a miss, met some mates for the first IB anti-splinter Breakfast Club in the morning and then did some work in the afternoon. Rain galore, but it was still a top day.

Porsche 356 Road Trip Brescia-Campiglio

No such grotty weather at the recent¬†Porsche 356 Road Trip Brescia-Campiglio gathering, where Maria Franchi organised a Porsche-driving tour de force. The event proved yet again that road trips are where it’s at for my kind of Porsche people.

“The rally went well,” Maria told me. “Between my teams there were also two teams from Germany, but I hope that the next two editions have many more German participants.”

Looking at pictures from friends, there was some beautiful machinery at Hedingham Castle but, pushed to pick between parking and driving, I’d be en route to Campiglio.

I’m making an exception to this for Rennsport Reunion IV and the Porsche Race Car Classic. Can’t imagine there’ll be much rain at either of those. Arrivederci!

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