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Muted Reception to New Porsche 911 991 GT3: PDK only

by | Mar 5, 2013 | New Models, Porsche News

Initial response on the 73,000-likes Ferdinand Facebook page to first official pics of the all-new Porsche 991 GT3 – latest and greatest of the 911 line – can only be described as muted. Unless you want to talk about the lack of a manual transmission option.


I understand the rationale of a PDK-only production choice for the latest supercar, but am predicting a number of implications for the used Porsche market.

  • Bragging rights for the “best driver’s 911” will now go to the 997 GT3 RS with ceramics and manual transmission.
  • There will be an aftermarket manual transmission kit for the 991 GT3 down the road.
  • Cost of PDK repairs on 991 GT3 will feature large in future buyers’ guides.


Regards bragging rights, 997 GT3 RS still has a ton of driving aids, so what negative difference the PDK as standard makes I don’t know. But predictions don’t always have to make sense – ask your man Nostradamus. I predict the debate will be less about outright lap times and more about driving pleasure: the feeling that you actually have input and control over the car. It won’t make sense to the lap time gods, but watch the forums for lift-off.


Aftermarket manual transmission on a 991 GT3 will be a huge headline and someone will definitely sink money into achieving this. The PDK version will still be faster, and the manual conversion is likely to be less than pretty, but someone will do it as there’s a buyer out there. They will need to solve a whole lot of software problems first, though.


PDK is heavy and who knows how reliable in the long run. One look at a technical drawing for the transmission shows what could go wrong with water or a voltage spike frying the gearbox ECU and sending everything moving forward at once. Never say never!

What do you think about the 991 GT3? Looking forward to buying one or not? I know you have an opinion! Mine is that a 1000-kilo 911 with 200 bhp and no aircon is enough for me just now.

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  1. eknude

    As a Porsche enthusiast, im upset that the GT3 will not be offered with a manual transmission. I for one could careless how fast it shifts…how often do you pull up to someone and race them on the street? For a car that is track specific…it makes since….the GT3 is derived from the track..but still, it isn’t a cup car…..thats why you’d spend $200,000 more ( could be more than that) and get the GT3 Cup car. They say it will still have the feeling, the emotion will still be there…but…I doubt it. My hand isn’t leaving the wheel…there isn’t a third pedal and the little lever to my right…some of you to your left….is now as powerful and useful as your grandmothers honda. BUT THERES A SPORT BUTTON for quicker shifts etc reality…just about every car on the market has a “sport” button.

    As far as the market goes…it makes me really happy….997’s with a manual transmission will be so damn cheap. This makes my dream of driving a 997 S, GTS, GT3 daily is becoming a reality…the market is going to be low for the “slower” analog P cars…and im ok with that. Let the public love on cars with two pedals…..i’ll stick with three thank you.


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