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Porsche 911 Goodwood Aldington Trophy Race

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Classic Porsche Blog, Race and Rally

The John Aldington Trophy race for pre-1967 Porsche 911 SWB racing cars at Goodwood next weekend has gathered an impressive entry list. More than twenty-five 1965 and 1966 short wheelbase 911s are shown on the official entry list for the 20-minute race, with a plethora of well known drivers appearing on the grid.

Thirty tail-happy old 911s on the fast and flowing Goodwood circuit will make for some interesting accidents if the rain comes down. The cars are tricky enough to drive in the dry on regulation tyres, let alone if it gets wet. However, the first big challenge for the cars is to get through scrutineering.

Porsche 911 Goodwood Aldington Trophy

The race is open to pre-1967 2 litre Porsche 901 and 911 models conforming to the FIA Appendix K regulations for Grand Touring cars built between January 1962 and December 1965. All competing cars must have a Historic Technical Passport, and the circuit will insist upon a specific standard of aesthetic vehicle presentation, involving appropriate period livery and detailing.

This means no out-of-period wheels, lights, wing mirrors or dashboard gauges. No windows of an inappropriate material featuring out-of-period ventilation holes or flaps. No advertising, logos or graphics may appear on any vehicle unless these formed part of the car’s original livery during racing prior to 1966.

Minimum weight is strictly 1002 kg. Cars below this weight at scrutineering will not be allowed to race. All cars will be weighed prior to qualifying, with random cars weighed and fuel adjusted post-race. The cars must run aluminium crankcases, Solex carbs, single plug, solid discs, 14-16mm front anti-roll bars (16mm rear), 1380mm front track and 1350mm rear. Minimum ride height is 100mm.

EB Motorsport Porsche 911 Spa 6 Hours (2)

“We shouldn’t have any problems with scrutineering,” says Mark Bates of classic Porsche parts reproduction specialist, EB Motorsport. Bates’ 1965 Porsche 911 raced very successfully at the 2014 Spa 6 Hours (above) and will carry number 6 in the race. “This race at Goodwood could be a bit of lottery, though, given the short qualifying time and the number of cars on track.”

The brief race is named after the legendary John Aldington, son of the famous H.J. Aldington of Frazer Nash dynasty fame and a former MD of both AFN and Porsche Cars GB. Tickets for the weekend are priced at £130 general entry per head, add £76 for roving grandstand per head. Yes, you read that right. I won’t be there, but hopefully we can share some in-car footage after the weekend.


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