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Porsche 911 Speedster: Essen Techno Classica

by | Mar 30, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Market & Prices

Another year, another Essen Techno Classica. The 2014 show weather was gorgeous all the way through, prompting a half day sitting by the Rhine, watching the world go by rather than slogging around seventeen halls of old cars.

porsche 911 speedster

In three days, we ate enough pork to fill a 911 and drank enough beer to sink one. We ended up driving in Jezza’s Saab diesel estate, which did all the European miles on one tank of fuel: impressive. Even more impressive was the amount of Merlot he crammed into it on the way out of France.

porsche 911 speedster

There are always Porsches at Essen, but definitely felt like a lesser presence than in previous years. Some very lovely 356s, a handful of pre-68 911s and not as many impact bumper (IB) cars as two years ago. I spotted one or two 928s, but 924s and 944s were thin on the ground.

porsche 911 speedster

The 964 population was reasonable. This yellow 964 Speedster below was tucked in one hall: seemed like a sensible Essen price circa €120k but I didn’t study it too hard after finding a few details lacking. The Lemon Yellow 3.2 Speedster up top was a favourite car this trip: one for the lottery wish list.

porsche 911 speedster

You’ll need a lottery win if rising IB Speedster prices keep at it. One of my travelling companions owns a 3.2 Speedster in black with less than 20k miles and full Porsche history. As a low-mileage narrow-body 3.2 Speedster recently sold for £250k at auction, he’s overdue an updated insurance valuation.

Life doesn’t get much better than a road trip into Germany with beer-loving friends. I highly advise you to follow my lead.


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