New Porsche 917 Le Mans print from Guy Allen

Had an email from friend and illustrator Guy Allen last week, sharing details of his latest Porsche print. Having both bought Guy’s own prints and commissioned him to create art for me, I’m a confirmed fan of the man’s work, and the newest one is no exception.

Guy Allen Porsche 917 Print

This year marks the tenth anniversary of my first trip to Classic Le Mans and my first experience of watching a 917 racing in anger at night. It was an unforgettable weekend of classic Porsche fun, neatly remembered by this art print. Working to a 24 Hours of Le Mans theme in an evocative mix of shapes and colours, Guy has captured the 1970 917 Kurzheck racing past the Dunlop Bridge during a balmy Sarthe sunset.

Porsche 917 Le Mans print

I’m sure some Le Mans anorak out there will decide there’s a bit of artistic licence at work here regarding track layouts, the combination of short tail and Gulf liveries and the weather for Le Mans in the early 1970s, as such folk are wont to do. Personally, the timeless theme resonates with me and I really like the print, which is sized to A2 large format (420 x 594 mm) and limited to 200 copies. My print has been put to one side for the new garage, whenever it gets finished: got a lot of art to hang in there now. Buy your copy here: Guy will ship worldwide.

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