Porsche 919 Hybrid Livery: Bring Back Pink Pig

Race fans deserve epic paint schemes. Standing outside in all weathers, watching cars go around with no clue what’s happening half the time, the least teams can do is make the cars sexy with a great livery to inspire followers.

Porsche LMP1 Le Mans 919 Livery 1

Porsche has finally dressed the 919 Hybrid for in its Le Mans livery. The car is pure sex, but the paint scheme’s got all the allure of a fax machine. Let’s hope there’s a stealth raid on Leipzig with some pig-coloured spray paint.

Porsche LMP1 Le Mans 919 Livery 2

Bring on the Martini Williams! And where’s the Veltins on LMP1? Can’t be the final version.


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