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Porsche 944 Project Update: Moving Barn Find

by | Sep 6, 2009 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Ahead of starting the 911 engine strip down today, I had a major tidy-up in my little garage, which had turned into one of those places where you can get both feet in the door and no further. Five hours later I had floor space and could work on the motor right next to the toolbox. I call that a success.

Most of what is in my garage is parts and trim for my white Porsche 944 project – that bargain eBay purchase from last year (at least I hope it was last year).  I look forward to starting the job of taking the 1983 944 Lux apart and putting it back together as soon as my little Landcruiser is finished.

Porsche 944 barn find

Upgrade parts include full Porsche Recaro sports leather in black, fresh carpets and headlining etc, power steering, new engine mounts, new window and rear  glass seals, Weltmeister throttle cam upgrade, decent tyres and so on.

This Porsche 944 project is a fairly low mile, two or three owner car, so I am hoping to use it quite a bit when it is back on the road and fitted with the all-important PAS and leather. Think it will look great in Grand Prix White with black hide, plus clearing out all that 944 stuff will give me my garage back.

Was using the parts washer for much of today – did a lovely job on 944 hubs, struts and crank sensors etc. Found the new ECU for it too. Sorting through some more bits tomorrow. I took so many usable parts off the two I broke last year and have such a lot of stuff in the garage. I’m not sure that it’s all going to be required: eBay beckons.


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