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Porsche 944 Project: Ferdinand Magazine’s Fleet

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Finally found time last week to get on the road and visit my Porsche 944, which has been parked in a mate’s farmyard for a few years while I get this Ferdinand thing off the ground.

John Glynn Porsche 944 Ferdinand project car 3

You might remember I bought the 944 for its 911 number plate a few years back. It had been parked up for ten years in a soaking wet garage. I knew it needed a few bits repaired, which then turned into plans for a full restoration.

I subsequently broke two front-engined Porsches – 924 and 944 – for spare parts that might be needed, and the whole lot is stockpiled. I’m not in any rush to do this job, but am certainly glad to have a simple early 944 put aside, as Porsche is not making any more of them. Though this project is not a priority, it’s nice to check up on the car every now and then.

John Glynn Porsche 944 Ferdinand project car 2

Above is the sight that awaited me – the Porsche being swallowed by a hedge. It’s sitting on gravel, so the underside is still dry, and better it is well ventilated than in some damp garage or barn. Nevertheless, I’m going to drag it back to Porsche rust repair experts Racing Restorations at Pershore sometime soon, and allow Rob Campbell to work his metal magic.

ebay BMW M3 Ferdinand mag (1)

Robert and I have been friends for over twenty years, so have done plenty of projects together. The team of guys there do exceptional metalwork, and the restoration repairs will be invisible.

Racing Restorations replaced a lot of mothy metal on my E36 BMW M3 saloon/sedan restoration last year (above). I’m super pleased with the M3 now, so I’m looking forward to getting this 944 project started.



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