Rare Guards Red Porsche 964 Speedster Tiptronic

Alex sent through these cool pics of his Porsche 964 Speedster. This 911 Speedster is believed to be the sole Tiptronic example manufactured of apparently just 14 RHD 964 Speedsters – although that’s currently unconfirmed.

What is confirmed is this is a 1992 production car, believed to have been shown at the British Motor Show in UK spec before heading off to Singapore. From Singapore, it went to the well-known Giltrap family in New Zealand, who then sold it on to a local enthusiast. It passed through one more owner before being bought by a doctor in 1998. Alex bought it from the doctor.

Porsche 964 Speedster Tiptronic 1

While the earliest pre-1990 964 Speedsters were built on turbo-look bodyshells, later versions like this one were constructed using standard Carrera 2 Cabriolet shells. I’ve had a few drives in both and the narrow-bodied cars are sharper and tighter.

As with the earlier 3.0 911 SC Cabriolets, the 3.6-litre engine feels notably different in an open-top car. That fat exhaust note is pretty special with the roof off: I have vivid memories of driving alongside the Amsterdam canals with my mate Jan in his silver 964 Speedster.

Porsche 964 Speedster Tiptronic 3

Jan’s car was a manual – it would be interesting to see what the Tip gearbox feels like in a Speedster. Two pedals in that RHD footwell doesn’t look quite right, but no doubt it adds to the interest factor.

Most people who rule out Tiptronic are just repeating something they heard elsewhere. I know a few 964 Tip owners who really like the cars: a nice 964 Tiptronic Coupe is currently undergoing full strip and restore with a colour change at Rob Campbell’s Racing Restorations in Pershore for an overseas client. I’ll share some pics of that later and maybe sneak a drive when the project is complete.

As for this particular car, I could get a chance to try it out later this year as I hear it is coming to Goodwood. I may be charged with helping Alex find a new home for it if it comes up for sale.

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