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Porsche 991 GT3 RS launch with Cayman GT4 at Geneva

by | Feb 25, 2015 | New Models, Porsche News

Porsche will launch the all new Porsche Cayman GT4 and another currently unidentified sportscar at next week’s Geneva Show. This second car will (of course) be the eagerly anticipated Porsche 991 GT3 RS.

Porsche Cayman GT4 lead times for delivery

For all the buzz around Cayman GT4, I see very few people mentioning the delivery times. UK buyers dropping money on the counter now won’t see their cars much before the end of 2016 according to feedback from buyers – someone tell me if that is right! You’d think the cars would be in circulation well ahead of that time.

Porsche Cayman GT4 Ferdinand Magazine 2

Porsche 991 GT2 development

Stuttgart’s press release claims a lap time of seven minutes and 40 seconds on the North Loop of the Nürburgring for the Cayman GT4, but “leaked documents” regarding the 991 GT3 RS claim a 7 minute 20 second lap time: just two seconds off the fastest-ever Porsche road car at the circuit – the 997 GT2 RS.

Thanks to hints from component suppliers, we know there is a 991 GT2 in development, although whether it will make it to production or not is a different matter (I think has to happen). So we can count on that GT2 laptime being smashed sometime in the future – maybe even by the new 991 GT3 RS in the right temperatures on the right tyres. That would be pretty amazing.

Porsche 991 GT3 RS launch live webstream

The world premiere will take place during the Porsche press conference in Geneva at 11:30 (CET) next Tuesday morning: March 3, 2015. A live webcast of the Porsche Cayman GT4 and 991 GT3 RS launch will be streamed from the event.

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  1. Leo

    i would never be a modern 911 hater, there all beautiful in there own way, my father owned a 911 turbo 1979 3.3l traditional air cooled, and I’m still working hard to owning one in the next couple years, I’m aiming at the 996 turbo, there very well priced and a awesome machine. I am a little bit disappointed as I believe the gt2/gt2 rs is finished its days, I’d love to see a new gt2 with the pdk transmission and the four wheel steer system, I wish porsche all the best with the 919 hybrid on the 12th April, from your biggest fan I will always love my porsches, there’s no other!!


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