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Classic Porsche at West Coast Metric, California

by | May 19, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

Jamie and I stopped off at West Coast Metric today en route to Los Angeles International, to say hello to legendary VW parts impresario, Lorenzo Pearson.

Lorenzo has a long track record in ‘making it happen’, so meeting the man himself was the perfect sign off to our week in California. Making things happen is what all the best car guys are about out west.

Pearson is also a massive Porsche nut, with some of the most beautiful classic Porsches imaginable in his compact, eclectic, exceptional collection. The 356 and 911 seen here are two of the most impeccably detailed classic Porsche hot rods out there.

Mr Pearson and I spent so much time being rally car fans, I didn’t get the iPhone camera out once, apart from taking a picture for middle daughter Ciara, of a pirate cannonball salvaged by Lorenzo in the West Indies. She’s got the biggest pirate thing in history going on at the minute.

The pics seen here are from the Lost Boys Racing site – with Bugazon (below) taken from Rancho Transaxles. What an AWESOME car!

After WCM, we headed to LAX for our flight to JFK, where it’s now RCD* and I am totally wondering WTF, NYC? Lorenzo said it would be so.

*raining cats and dawgs

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  1. Mike Daniel

    I’m looking for information on Bugazons engine displacement? I had the article from Hot VW’s years ago but I can’t find it. I believe it was a destroked 64×92?


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