New models: Porsche Boxster GTS & Cayman GTS

I spent all morning writing job descriptions for a couple of part-time vacancies in Graphic Design and PR/Marketing with Mighty Motor Media in Banbury/Daventry. While I was banging my head against that creative brick wall, Porsche announced GTS models of Boxster and Cayman.


There’s some flak flying on social media for the pics Porsche has sent out and the video done to promote the models (scroll down) but I think the cars look good: Cayman in particular.


However, with a basic cost of more than £50k, one wonders how many will pick a GTS to get an extra 15 hp (330 bhp total) and 10 newton metres of torque, Sport Chrono, PASM and black bi-xenon headlights. Remember that a basic manual Cayman S on 19″ wheels weighs 1350 kilos, with every option adding bulk – I don’t know what the GTS will weigh when it’s fuelled and oiled, ready to go. Basic Cayman GTS will cost circa €4k more than the Boxster, but I bet it’s the bigger seller.


Interestingly, Stuttgart’s press release shares top speeds from the manual version, but 0-60 times from the PDK car, equipped with launch control. Does that mean PDK won’t go as fast? Or is Porsche just pointing out the base price is manual? Answers on a postcard.

Now, give me your thoughts on this video. I would rather see previous GTS models: Vic Elford drives to camera in a red 904 GTS peeling off to show Derek Bell in his red 924 GTS then peeling off to reveal Nick Tandy in a red Cayman GTS. Heritage works with red Porsches.

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