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Porsche People: Cary’s R Gruppe Carrera RS

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

Just added another article to our series on Porsche people. This piece introduces Cary, an R Gruppe friend in California who runs a beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera RS replica.

Porsche 911 RS R Gruppe California 1

In rare Silver with Mexico Blue accents, the RS recreation was purchased via eBay a few years ago. Cary bought it from a seller based in North Carolina and had it inspected by nearby Porsche specialist, Chuck Miller, before committing to the bidding process. Cary scooped the RS recreation for $30k: right at the top of his original budget, but it certainly looks like a mega bargain now.

Californian Carrera RS

The car started life as a 1969 Porsche 912. It was driven for a few years before being parked in a garage, where it sat for over 25 years until the RS project was born. The bodyshell was stripped down to the bare essentials, then media blasted and repainted silver. Silver is a quite a nice choice, as there was never an original Carrera RS in silver. I didn’t know this until Cary told me – quite a surprise.

Porsche 911 RS R Gruppe California 9

Featuring RS bumpers front and rear, the classic RS ducktail and de rigeur Carrera rear arches, the newly painted shell was fitted with good bits including a 2,000-mile 2.7-litre flat six, with PMO carbs. Inside the cases were JE 9.5:1 pistons and GE40-profile camshafts. Electromotive electronic ignition gets it all fired up.

A short ratio 901 transmission puts the power on the road. The interior is simple classic RS ingredients and attractive OMP seats. “I wasn’t a fan of these at the start,” says Cary, “until someone told me they were rare carbon/kevlar mix seats so they were definitely staying at that stage.

Porsche 911 RS R Gruppe California 7

Cary’s RS was great to meet and great to shoot. Shot in an evening session on a back road just outside San Francisco, we ran the RS up and down a country road and a guy came out of the stables alongside. Cary’s car is pretty quiet really and we weren’t being hooligans, but I still expected to get a mouthful from the stable master.

“Looks like a good one,” came the holler. “Is it a real one?” Turns out the horseman was a big Porsche fan. He had an original Speedster in a barn out back and drove an early 911 himself. This is how small our Porsche world is. Love the Porsche life in California!

Read about Cary’s Porsche 911 Carerra RS recreation and share your Porsche experiences over email. Send me some pics and text: I will feature the best ones in the Ferdinand Porsche blog.


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