Porsche Carrera Hot Rod with Redtek Engine Build

Spotted a familiar Porsche Carrera hot rod at Tuthill Porsche yesterday: Simeon Anderson’s orange Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera with the classic ducktail rear end.

Porsche Carrera hot rod orange Ferdinand

Based on a 1985 chassis, this 911 is a great example of impact bumper upgradery. Now kitted out with Tuthill 6-pot brakes, EXE-TC suspension, Recaro trim and an engine transplant, the Carrera also runs a torquey 3.6-litre engine, rebuilt by Nick at Redtek to give 290bhp.

Porsche Carrera hot rod orange Ferdinand (1)

I first encountered Simeon’s car for its 2013 insurance valuation. Back then it was painted mid metallic blue, but it now wears a colour worthy of its sass. Somewhat reminiscent of Oli Wheeler’s Lime Green 3.2 update, last seen at Cameron Sports Cars down in Wiltshire, the big difference is Oli’s car (previously owned by Chris Harris) ran a stock engine, with Jenvey throttle bodies and an Omex ECU.

Is this a future feature car? For sure. Anderson is a petrolhead par excellence and fine Ferdinand material!

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