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Porsche Cayenne Crash: Maybe It’s Cursed

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Porsche Cayenne, Project Cars

Back from a week of tearing around seeing family in Ireland with our LPG-powered Porsche Cayenne (below at Bunratty with daughter 2 and nephew 1), I came out the back gate yesterday to find it had made a new friend.

Porsche Cayenne crash bodywork damage (3)

Connected to the rear of the Cayenne was a Zafira. By the jaunty angle of approach, I could tell the friendship was accidental. The Zafira had slipped the tethers of its handbrake and rolled down the hill to say hello at speed.

Porsche Cayenne crash bodywork damage (2)

Porsche Cayenne Crash Damage

I was heading off to a meeting, so located the owner, got it uncoupled and discovered a reasonable dent in the Big Pig’s backside. My damage was not as bad as the other car, but the bumper has softened and localised paint is cracked. Parking sensors seem to have given up too, so it will take some work to sort this one.

Porsche Cayenne crash bodywork damage (1)

Porsche Cayenne crash bodywork damage

Love my Cayenne but one of us must be cursed! I’d like to be optimistic but seems the pre-cat oxygen sensors are also playing up, causing shunting at low revs in high gears. Probably original so wear and tear: my Porsche specialist will be having a look.

Edit: First Porsche Crash Estimate

The first estimate for the repair of this damage is back. Parts £530, labour £360, paint £230. About £1500 all told. Let this be a lesson to all of you: Cayennes are not cheap to run around in! No doubt I will find better estimates. As this could have been me paying for the damage if I had not found it like this, I am going to sort some sort of accident camera recording system for inside the car also as too many fraudulent accident claims in the UK now.

A friend is dealing with complete insurance fraud against his company at the minute. So far the insurers have paid out £25k on courtesy car hire and he is now battling a £75k personal injury claim for a car pulling straight out in front of him, then braking hard as it exited a roundabout. Fraudsters everywhere.


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