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Porsche Cayenne: eBay Headrest Screens

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Porsche Cayenne, Project Cars

A quick look on eBay last night at recent Cayenne listings threw up these oddball things: a pair of headrest DVD screens and a crazy leather-trimmed player, with a Buy It Now of £50. The seller was unsure whether they were factory, but that stitching looked 100% Cayenne to me, so I had a Google and found the answer on Rennlist (of course).

Porsche Cayenne DVD ebay 1
Porsche Cayenne DVD ebay 2

The system definitely is factory, and doesn’t sound like it was all that special. The DVD player sits on the centre rear seat when in use. “That design was a last-minute absolute POS. I’m not sure how many sold, probably less than were scrapped.” says one Rennlister. “The newer ones (self-contained in rear seat) are a bit better, but rear seat video was not part of the original MOST design spec for the system.”

Porsche Cayenne Headrest DVD 1

I’ve found a few pics of it now, and it really does look like a last-minute afterthought. As if the Cayenne externals weren’t challenging enough, they went and screwed this to the back of  the seats! Sometimes I just can’t get my head around Porsche thinking. That said, when Cayenne becomes a classic, it’s the weirdo dealer options that will really draw the crowds in.

Porsche Cayenne Headrest DVD 2

There’s a roof-mounted Sony DVD screen in my Cayenne, but then no sunroof or conservatory windows to worry about. I guess Porsche had a gap for dealer fit DVD screens that did not need a roof to screw into, and this is the best the product crew could do.

Porsche Cayenne Headrest DVD 3

Gawky afterthought it may be, but it’s already got some bids on eBay, even without headphones or remote controls. The Buy It Now must have been switched to get things going and now it’s all kicked off, so I missed a chance to nab them. All in a day’s work, but count me not too bothered.

My Cayenne is off for its LPG conversion this weekend – that is pretty cool. The converter is Avon Autogas in Bristol.


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