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Porsche Top Brass Old and New at Le Mans

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Porsche News, Race and Rally

There was no mistaking the familiar form of Matthias Müller at Le Mans last weekend. While most CEOs and directors sat in air-conditioned marketing suites, entertaining guests and playing with their phones, the Porsche CEO was in the pitlane with the drivers and mechanics, supporting his team and its efforts.

porsche ceo matthias muller le mans

Not only was Matthias in the pitlane, but he was wearing full team garb, right down to the Adidas shoes. Can you imagine the Ferrari chairman in a mechanics outfit? Luca in a Shell-badged workshirt, jumping in and out of the cameras? Not how Herr Müller played it – he was low key all weekend and seemed to spend most of Saturday and early Sunday morning in the pitlane.

Porsche Racing Tradition

This is the Porsche tradition of old: Ferry Porsche sitting amongst drivers, sharing the highs and the lows. No doubt Matthias and Co – including Klaus Bischof and a visit from Norbert Singer – had their share of the lows last weekend, but such is the nature of racing. With five rounds remaining in this year’s WEC series, anything can still happen. Porsche now has ten weeks or so to take the 919 a step further and further develop the areas flagged in last weekend’s racing.

Matthias Muller Porsche CEO Le Mans

It’s also worth remembering that Le Mans was twenty-four hours on track, while the rest are no more than six at a time. Six hours into Le Mans, Porsche was sitting very pretty. Let’s see where we end up after racing for six hours in Austin.

WEC Race Schedule 2014

Full details of the remaining races in the FIA WEC race calendar can be found at In a nutshell, you should add these to your diary:

  • September 20:  6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas
  • October 12: 6 Hours of Fuji
  • November 2: 6 Hours of Shanghai
  • November 15: 6 Hours of Bahrain
  • November 30: 6 Hours of Sao Paolo

Circuit of the Americas is on Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Fuji matches the Russian Grand Prix. Shanghai matches the American Grand Prix, but the rest are all on their own. A busy year of motorsport still to come!

Pic credit: Anyone using Twitter should be following @PorscheRaces, the official Porsche motorsport feed. This Le Mans was a mass of content with some great pics shared online. Follow our own @CultofPorsche feed too.


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