Porsche Club Museum and 911 Anniversary Coupe

The Porsche Museum is currently hosting an exhibition that celebrates sixty years of Porsche clubs. The manufacturer has just announced that it will make thirteen special edition 911 Coupes: twelve will be sold to clubsters who win the right to buy in a raffle, and one will remain in Stuttgart.

The first Porsche Club was started in Germany in 1952. Porsche clubs now have more than 181,000 members worldwide. This is officially recognised Porsche Clubs, so doesn’t include people like me and many others reading this.

If one included non-club Internet forum members, and fans of the brand regularly interacting with other Porsche owners, on- or off-line, the number would be a lot higher. Remember Porsche has 4 million Facebook fans.

The Porsche Museum is showing twelve special cars as club anniversary exhibits, including Dr. Wolfgang Porsche’s personal 993 Turbo S (top) and the neat  Type 957 Jagdwagen (above).

Stuttgart is “using the anniversary as an opportunity to thank club members for their steadfast loyalty over the decades and their deep commitment” by building twelve special edition Club Coupes. Based on special-order Brewster Green Carrera S models, the cars feature a Powerkit upgrade to 430 hp, the SportDesign package and colour coded wheels. They come with bespoke lettering, and illuminated door entry guards with the anniversary logo.

Each coupe will retail at €142,800 in Germany, plus 19% tax. Or $175,580 in the USA, also plus tax. The standard Carrera S costs €102,000 in Germany, but that is including tax. Sorry, I should have sat you down before that.

Prospective buyers have until July 16th to register interest on the Porsche website, before a draw is held to decide the twelve winners. You can be from anywhere except China or India. I have no idea why this is  – someone enlighten me.

A dozen €143,000-plus-tax Carrera S coupes awarded in a lottery is not Cult of Porsche. But, if you’ve got the cash and this is your thing, good luck to you. The lighting is very nice in the promo pics.

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