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Porsche Owner Features: You and Yours

by | Aug 5, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche People

I enjoy writing for 911 & Porsche World magazine. Editor Steve Bennett is a lot of fun and comes up with some great pieces of his own. Steve recently gave me a regular words and pictures slot in the magazine under the You and Yours banner and, while the first few were perhaps a little underwhelming to look at, I think the section is coming together.

The slot came up following a pair of Porsche 968 words and pics shoots that came out OK (above and below). The idea behind You and Yours is to get in touch with 911 & Porsche World readers. So far, all have been Porsche owners who have something interesting to say about their car, where it fits in their world, and in the wider world of Porsche.

I started the series with Ian Highfield, a friend with a modified 964 who has been through a few 911s to get to this one. The car has since sold, but it was a nice example and fun to shoot.

After that we had Will Inch, owner of a black SC with a 3.6 engine transplant. The SC was Will’s second Porsche, following a Speed Yellow 993 widebody. Will now runs a 1974 2.7 Carrera and will hopefully be joining us on the TwinSpark Racing Spa track day in October.

After Will came NurburgSingh: Lali Atwal and his 924 Carrera GT recreation with full 968 running gear. Lali is a Nürburgring nutter who races a classic VW Beetle in Swinging Sixties Sports Championship: excellent fun to work with.

Following Lali we had Peter Heaton, owner of a very smart 993 RS-style 911 in Silver. The 3.8-litre Cup motor makes a beautiful noise through a Cargraphic exhaust.

My most recent patient was Paul Starkey. Paul is a good friend who owns a smart 3.2 Carrera that looks stock, but has been tweaked by Tuthill Porsche and a few others to provide good fun on track. Paul is also coming to Spa in October.

The one thing all these guys have in common is a love of the Porsche community. It doesn’t really matter that their cars are hot rods, modified, rare or otherwise: it can literally be anything with a Porsche badge. The biggest part of what I’m after for the You and Yours slot is someone who genuinely enjoys being part of Porsche culture. Owning the right polo shirt is just not enough!

I’m always up for discussing an idea with an owner who fancies having a go, so if this rings a bell with you, email me at and let’s explore the possibilities. You get to have a bit of fun with a Porsche anorak and also get some free photos of your car!


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