Porsche hits Half a Million Cayennes Produced

I’m not going to turn Ferdinand into a Cayenne-fest, but Stuttgart has just made its half-millionth Cayenne.

Porsche Cayenne GTS

500,000 Porsche SUVs have rolled off the production line in Saxony. The 4×4’s success has bankrolled Porsche’s continued support for its motorsport ambitions and the classics we adore.

ÔÇťWe started with around 70 units a day,” says Dr Blume of the Production and Logistics department. “Now we make five times as many. In the last year, over 83,000 Cayennes have been built, for Porsche customers in 125 countries.”

Porsche Cayenne Diesel Half Million

The half-millionth Cayenne was handed over to its owner at Leipzig. Every year, 2,500 customers experience the delights of factory delivery and a thrash around Leipzig’s FIA-certified circuit in their very own brand-new Porsche.

The day after I buy my first Porsche Cayenne – a V8 S petrol in Black, Mr Half Million picked up his, a V8 S Diesel in White. Could today be any more poetic? ­čśÇ

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