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New models: Porsche Leipzig production jobs

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Porsche News, New Models

Porsche’s search for 1,400 new workers to fill its expanding Leipzig site has been massively oversubscribed.

Porsche Factory Workers 1

Recently appointed Production and Logistics Director, Dr. Oliver Blume confirmed that over 30,000 applications had been received for the 1,000 vacancies remaining after 400 engineers were sourced.

Leipzig is in the midst of a €500 million growth spurt to gear up for Macan production, which starts in Saxony at the end of this year. The recent closure of a nearby Opel plant has helped Porsche find skilled labour, including all of the staff for its all new paint shop, but 31,000 disappointed applicants does not spell great news for the state of German automotive manufacturing.

Porsche recently anounced profits back to pre-Volkswagen levels, at circa £5.6 million PER DAY. Macan’s inevitable success means party time is coming to Leipzig, so hopefully some of those disappointed can be turned around in the long run.


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