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New models: Porsche Macan first drive

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Porsche News, New Models

Car magazine has just uploaded Georg Kacher’s verdict on his first drive in a Porsche Macan. Kacher would point the pen of truth at anything lacking, but his highly positive verdict comes as no surprise.

Macan S

“There’s little doubt that Porsche’s plan to build 50,000 Macans per year won’t meet demand,” says Kacher. “It may be an SUV, but it’s a proper Porsche in terms of appearance and talent, it blends street cred and desirability with a reasonable price tag and it might just be, for the many rivals in this booming segment, a worst nightmare.”

Car‘s review shows a £47k cost new, but I’m not sure how that’s made up. Basic Macan S is £43k, but when you add 21-inch wheels, mid range leather, DAB with park detect and a pano roof, you’re up to £51k. Would be easy to get this over £60k, so we’ll have to see how the residuals work out for low spec cars versus stuff with toys.

Macan S

Residuals for petrol v diesel will also be interesting, as Macan Diesel and S are priced the same. In fact, the cars are priced at £41,600, but Porsche adds £169 for third year Porsche Assistance and £800 for the third year of warranty. You can build your own Macan on the very attractive new Porsche website.

Macan’s undeniable sexiness and outright ability will further reduce the number of people who persist in denying Porsche badge credibility to anything with more than two doors, but that will not be its best trick. The truck still weighs 1.9 tonnes and looks relatively spacious inside. Cayenne is not much heavier, or more roomy, so what happens next for Stuttgart’s biggest SUV? Like all the Volkswagen Golfs before it, will it get bigger and bigger and eventually ooze off the scales? Another Porsche first!


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