Porsche Production up 15%: 911 Sales up 40%

Between January and March 2012, Porsche produced a total of 36,067 vehicles: 15% up on last year. Leipzig plant now makes 450 Cayennes and Panameras per day.

Porsche’s 2012 financial year is off to a flying start. Worldwide sales are up almost 30%, and revenue is up a bit more, at 32%. Operating profit hit €528 million, 18% more than Q1 2011. The company took on 725 new people in the same period and now employs over 16,000.

President and CEO of Porsche AG, Matthias Müller, says this success comes from focus on sustainable growth. “The youngest and most efficient model range of all time gives us an outstanding platform on which to sustain this course throughout 2012.”

New 911 has lifted sales of the icon by almost 40%, and new Boxster has strong interest. This year, Porsche brings nine more models to market – from new 911 derivatives to the Cayenne GTS.

In Q1 2012, Porsche saw increased demand in China, the German domestic market and in the USA. Biggest increase came from Panamera: up almost 60% and very strong interest in the six cylinder (tax law changes or good lease deals somewhere maybe). Thirty percent more Cayennes were delivered to customers worldwide in Q1 2012.

Porsche has set itself ambitious business targets with “Strategy 2018”. The intention is to boost sales to approximately 200,000 vehicles by that point, so Porsche is investing in rejuvenating and expanding the entire model range. New 911 is part of that, new Cayman (perhaps the real sports car of the range) and Macan will bolster the effort. Macan will be built at Lepizig from 2014 onwards.

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