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Porsche retakes lead at Le Mans

by | Jun 15, 2014 | Porsche News, Race and Rally

Headlines this hour in the Ferdinand Magazine live blog from Le Mans: Porsche retakes lead at Le Mans with the 919 LMP1 Hybrid and is lapping well with Timo Bernhard at the wheel.

porsche retakes lead at Le Mans

When Tom Kristensen’s number 1 Audi stopped on track for a full electrical reset, a misfire appeared which brought the leader back into the pit box. The car is still in the garage, with mechanics rushing to put it back together.

Porsche number 20 slipped into the lead with Audi number 2 really charging hard. There are some interesting radio messages coming off the Audi pit wall – will the car stay reliable?

We’re a long way from the chequered flag, but what a turn around for Stuttgart. On board footage from the 919 shows notable vibration, and the last few corners before the 20 car’s most recent pit stop seemed to suggest a misfire, so who knows what the next three hours have in store.

Podium for the 919 would be an awesome result. Outright win for the 919: can you imagine it?!


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