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Porsche sales 2013: 162,000 cars delivered

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Market & Prices, Porsche News

We have just seen the record figures for Porsche sales 2013. The unsurprising news came as the UK announced the best year for car sales since 2007, and BMW subsidiary, Rolls-Royce, also posted record sales for the fourth year in a row.

New Porsche Cayman Review Ferdinand (2)

Rolls-Royce delivered 3,630 cars to customers in 2013. Fastest growing markets were the Middle East (up 17%) and China (up 11%). Rolls’ CEO intriguingly told reporters that the company was looking at new designs, including a potential 4×4 model.

In comparison, the volume-oriented Porsche brand saw stronger growth through 2013. Total Porsche deliveries for 2013 was 162,415: a 15% increase on the 2012 total. Sales in Asia and the Middle East rose over 20%, with China close behind.

The USA remains Porsche’s biggest single market, with 42,000 cars delivered in 2013: 20% up on last year. China’s 37,000 sales can be heard snapping at America’s heels. Sales to the Red Star must be set to overtake the US this year, assuming unrestricted supply.

Porsche Cayenne GTS

Biggest Porsche seller is still the Cayenne, clocking up half of Porsche’s total production, with 82,000 cars sold. Zero surprise when you know how good this car is at everything.

The challenge for a 4wd Rolls Royce is delivering something capable off-road, which still delivers that heavyweight Rolls Royce experience without feeling like a military vehicle. The driving experience is unlikely to match a Cayenne, but it won’t have to do this to sell.


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