Porsche Targa Tasmania Video: Röhrl SC Rally

Some great Porsche Targa Tasmania video has just gone live, featuring Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdörfer talking about the SC rally car from the Porsche Museum they are using on the Targa Tasmania. It’s not on Youtube yet, so you’re getting a sneak preview.

Here we learn that the boys are apparently using their actual original SC from the 1981 San Remo Rally; pretty cool. Can’t wait to get more information on the chassis and that engine. I want to know why the Almeras stickers on a works 911 – I reckon it was maybe rented from France for Walter but we’ll find out: 1981 was a funny old year for Herr Röhrl. I’ll likely be queued up to see the SC when it gets back from Australia, where it’s helping to celebrate 60 years of Porsche down under.

Also on Origin are some nice pics from the Carrera Cup meet at Brands Hatch last weekend. While I was dropping back the C4S this morning, a friend at Porsche GB told me that the pics had come out well and she wasn’t kidding.

Meanwhile back on Youtube, this privateer vid has also gone up, featuring some of the museum cars as they take to the track at the Longford Revival Motorsport show. Porsche have certainly shipped some talent out to Taz – no wonder I only bumped in to one Porsche Museum acquaintance at Essen!

The Porsche Youtube Channel’s Targa Tasmania reporting starts tomorrow.

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