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Boxsters made by Volkswagen: Residual Value Effect?

by | Sep 19, 2012 | Market & Prices, Porsche News

A press release came through from Porsche this morning, announcing the partial relocation of Boxster production to Volkswagen Osnabrück. This potentially creates a gap in residual value between Porsche-built and VW-built Boxster models.

Stuttgart has shifted as the home plant allegedly does not have sufficient capacity to cope with demand, which sounds slightly dubious to me. Perhaps it is more important to keep 911 production in Stuttgart from a heritage point of view, while the less historic Boxster and Cayman ranges can be built anywhere. I might be wrong.

The first vehicle to roll off the line was an Indian Red Porsche Boxster S. This classic Porsche colour is known as Guards Red in the UK market, but the colour code (80K) is called Indischrot/Indian Red in German.

Car manufacturers don’t think much beyond typical model change cycles when it comes to used cars, so I doubt there’s been great consideration of the effect of this change on residual value. I wonder if, in years to come, fully Porsche-built Boxsters will fetch slightly more than the part-VW ones? You can guarantee some anorak will have that in an Autotrader ad, five years from now.


  1. Timo

    I’m not that up to date with Boxster prices as my preference lies with older 911s, but given that a substantial number of the earlier models have been built in Finland, is there any significant price difference between the Finland-assembled ones and the ones assembled by Porsche themselves?

    Either way I would think that the price history of the older Boxsters is probably going to be an indication if prices will actually differ between the newer, VW built ones and the Porsche built ones…

    • John

      Hi Timo, early models were built by Porsche. I’m not talking down the VW arrangement, but let’s remember seller spiel, market perceptions, forum mythology, double standards and how some things never change 😉


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