R Gruppe Europe Porsche Road Trip: Carrera PanEuropeana

Anyone following the R Gruppe Europe Blog will have read last week’s post about the Carrera PanEuropeana, a quick blast the R Gruppe Europe boys took down to Germany last weekend. Just had a few more pics through from Daan, so I thought I would share on here.

The basic plan was leave Amsterdam and meet on the border early Friday morning. Drive through Belgium into Germany, then do a few laps of the Nurburgring and stay somewhere close for a couple of nights.

Saturday was all about B-road driving in the mountains around the circuit, with some spectating in the afternoon. Turns out the 911 R hybrid was racing and winning that day.

Sunday was a quick blast to Spa to watch the tail end of the racing there, before heading home to the Netherlands, or Portugal and the USA in the case of Vasco Ricardo and Steven Harris.

Looks like everyone had a good time. The stories I have heard so far suggest the pace was as hot as ever, but only one car casualty emerged and the damage was superficial.

Next R Gruppe Europe event I am likely to attend is the TwinSpark trackday at Spa in October: £249 for a day on track with friends in early 911s. More details on TwinSpark Racing here.

Lots of us booked to come down from the UK already and I’m sure we’ll find more guys from Europe who are keen to be there. The date is October 10th but you can extend to do the 11th also if you fancy it. I’ll be on a plane to California on the 11th, so just the Monday for me!

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