R Gruppe Porsche 912 Speedster Australia: Part 2

The Porsche 912 Speedster from a few days ago went down a storm on Ferdinand Magazine’s Facebook page, which is heading towards 50,000 likes. I’ve got some more details to share on the custom 912, which previous owner Ryan tells me now lives with another friend of mine in Belgium. Small world!

Ryan 1966 Porsche 912 Speedster

The builder of this 912 Speedster had previously developed some successful race cars. He chose the 912 as it was lighter than a 911, it was a four-cylinder like the 356 Speedster, and the shorter four-cylinder engine mounted close to the firewall gave a lower ultimate height across the engine, which would help it achieve a lower rear deck line.

No computers were used to shape the body: just very careful measuring. After the roof was cut off, Wilbur Brothers bodyshop in Stockwell, Indiana removed the bodywork above the rear wing tops and replaced with a cowling constructed from two Karmann Ghia panels, which gave a lower rear end and less rake.

Like the 356 Speedster’s engine cover, this 912’s rear lid is a hatch that does not extend to the lower rear panel. It was made by welding the 912’s engine cover in place, mating two Ghia engine covers together, then cutting a hole for the 912 grill: an interesting solution.

Ryan 1966 Porsche 912 Speedster (2)

Modified Speedster windscreen posts hold the shortened 912 windshield. The glass-free doors have custom door caps and plexiglass side windows.

To strengthen the chassis, metal plates were welded to the A-posts. Steel box section was welded into the sill sections, from front to rear wheel housings. The car went through a complete restoration and then had a fresh coat of red. Can’t wait to see this in the metal one day.

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